Law student dies after eating cannabis gummy

A law student has died in hospital after consuming a synthetic cannabis sweet.

Damilola Olakanmi, 23, and a 21-year old friend were able to order the sweets online and each ate one before they immediately felt ill and were rushed to hospital.

While her friend recovered and was discharged, Damilola, who had been studying business law at Hertfordshire University, died five days later.

Child-friendly packaging

The sweets were packaged as ‘Trrlli Peachy O’s’, mimicking the branding of German confectioners Trolli, which has an innocent product of the same name.

Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell of the Metropolitan Police issued a warning to the public “against taking any illegal substances, including those packaged in the form of cannabis sweets”.

He said: “Please do not buy or consume these products. They are illegal and, because of the child-friendly packaging, they can pose a risk of accidental consumption.”

Bell added: “Drug dealers harm communities and risk the safety of individuals. We will take positive action to target those engaged in this activity as well as those found in possession of these substances.”

Warning to all young people

A family member said: “Damilola was a promising young woman who should be looking forward to her future.”

He said that this is “a tragic warning to all young people about how they live their lives. They should resist drugs.”

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