Judges to rule on Named Person case next week

The Supreme Court will rule on The Christian Institute’s judicial review of the Named Person scheme on Thursday, 28 July.

Named Person scheme: WhyChristians should be concerned

Ahead of the ruling, which will be handed down by senior judges on Thursday morning, Christians are being urged to pray that the decision will be used to expose the serious dangers of the scheme and will help to put a stop to it.


Last month a poll showed almost two-thirds of Scots are opposed to the scheme.

According to the poll, 64 per cent of Scots believe the scheme, which appoints a state guardian to every child from before birth up to age 18, is an “unacceptable intrusion into family life”.

Fewer than one in five people (18.5 per cent) thought the scheme was not intrusive.

The Christian Institute is spearheading the legal action, along with CARE, TYMES Trust, the Family Education Trust and concerned parents.

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