John Lewis and M&S under fire over mixed-sex changing rooms

Men who say they are women are allowed to use female changing rooms at John Lewis and Marks and Spencer’s stores, it has been revealed.

The high street stalwarts both claim the policy is part of their efforts to be “inclusive”.

But campaigner Jean Hatchet says such ideas lead to transgender ideology also being promoted elsewhere to the detriment of women.


Hatchet contacted both John Lewis and Marks and Spencer asking them to clarify their policies.

They will let men in female changing rooms. That’s that.

Jean Hatchet

John Lewis told her: “As an inclusive business, our policy states that customers are welcome to use whichever fitting room makes them feel the most comfortable.”

It added that staff could “use their own judgement on how this policy should be applied on a case-by-case basis” and would act if there was any inappropriate activity.

M&S told her: “As a business, we strive to be inclusive and therefore, we allow customers the choice of which fitting room they feel comfortable to use, in respect of how they identify themselves.”

Equality Act

Women’s group Fair Play for Women challenged the policies, pointing out that under the Equality Act, department stores are allowed to retain their single-sex changing rooms.

Hatchet said: “They will let men in female changing rooms. That’s that. No debate.”

“What people aren’t seeing is that this leads to men in female prisons, hospital wards, domestic violence refuges etc and women need to have no fear or shame in saying no to the assault on their rights”, she added.

Center Parcs

Earlier this month, holiday firm Center Parcs said it will not allow men to use female changing rooms simply because they say they are women.

The policy was revealed after a man who is ‘transitioning’ from male to female contacted the firm while planning a trip to ask if they had any policies relating to transgenderism.

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