Institute calls on Scots councils to ‘pull plug’ on misleading trans guidance

Scottish councils are being warned against endorsing “controversial and misleading” LGBT guidance for use in schools.

The Christian Institute has written to 17 local authorities to express “significant concerns” over the document “Supporting Transgender Young People”.

The letter warns that the guidance contains key errors and omissions which leaves schools and councils open to “unnecessary legal action”.

Parental rights

The document, written by LGBT Youth Scotland for use in schools, says parents should not be told if their child identifies as transgender in school, unless the child gives permission.

It also says parents do not need to be informed if a transgender child will be sharing sleeping facilities with their own on school trips, and if parents are “struggling” with their child’s transgender identity, staff can raise this with the local authority.

But the guidance contains key errors concerning the operation of the Equality Act 2010. It gives no regard to the rights of parents and does not adequately address the privacy rights of staff and other students.

‘Pull the plug’

While the guidance originally received funding from the Scottish Government, its endorsement was immediately withdrawn when objections were raised.

Institute Deputy Director Simon Calvert said: “The Scottish Government withdrew its endorsement of the guidance when we pointed out the legal errors in it.

“Now it’s time for councils to pull the plug on it too, before their schools are sued by parents or pupils whose rights have been breached.”


In the letter to the councils, the Institute said: “Your council has endorsed this guidance. However, it contains some key errors and omissions which mean the guidance is liable to mislead schools as to their rights and duties.

“This could lead to unnecessary legal action against schools and the council.”

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