Indoor weddings now allowed in Northern Ireland

Indoor weddings are allowed in Northern Ireland again, as part of the latest measures to ease lockdown restrictions in the Province.

There is no limit on the number of attendees, as long as appropriate social distancing measures are maintained. The changes, which also allow baptisms to resume, come into force today.

Last week, the marriage ban was lifted in England with a maximum of 30 attendees allowed indoors. Wales also permits indoor weddings, and Scotland allows small outdoor weddings.


First Minister Arlene Foster said earlier this week: “I am delighted to say that we are able to announce in relation to weddings and baptisms that they can now go ahead from July 10 in a socially distanced way but inside, taking account of the space available.

“No longer will they be limited in numbers; it depends on the space in the church, or indeed in the venue as well.”

Previously, only outdoor weddings were allowed with a maximum of ten people in attendance and social distancing measures in place.


Last week, one of the first couples to be married in England told the BBC why their Christian faith made the ceremony so important.

Phil Hobbs and Beth Johnson had originally planned to be married three months ago. They were finally able to hold their wedding on Saturday with a maximum of 30 people in attendance and social distancing measures in place.

Phil said: “Promising a faithful relationship is in Christian theology a picture of what it’s like for Jesus and Christians in a faithful committed relationship, and that’s what we want to be a picture of in our lives together.”

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