Idaho Governor ensures schools can’t be forced to use trans pronouns

The US state of Idaho will now protect teachers and students from being forced to use a person’s preferred name or pronouns which contradict their biological sex.

House Bill 538, which Governor Brad Little has signed into law, prevents Government employees and children in public schools from being disciplined for upholding a gender-confused person’s biological sex. In addition, pupils will require parental consent to be addressed by a preferred name, title or pronoun.

The law highlighted the need of such protections amid “increasing pressures” across the US to “communicate certain preferred personal titles and pronouns that many such employees and students do not prefer to communicate”.


Earlier this year, a survey revealed that most Americans do not support the promotion of gender ideology in public schools.

Pollsters found that a majority of respondents opposed school policies that endorsed the use of ‘preferred pronouns’, encouraged children to sex-swap, and kept parents in the dark about ‘social transitioning’.

The data was gathered as part of the Religious Freedom Index annual online poll of 1,000 American adults for religious liberty specialists Becket Law.

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