I regret my mistakes, but not deciding to keep my baby

A mother whose son was born with a severely life-limiting condition says she does not regret a single moment of his short life – in the womb or afterwards.

Talitha Davis was just 19 when she discovered she was pregnant and says her mind was filled with fear and panic at first.

Many people advised her to have an abortion, claiming that would be “the best for everyone”.


However, after seeing her son on an ultrasound scan, her attitude changed and later, when she was told of the diagnosis, she continued to reject abortion.

She said: “I refused to abort the little hope I had for his tiny life, and decided to try my best to cherish every single moment – every kick and flutter.”

Talitha’s baby, Rory, was born with anencephaly, a life-limiting condition where the skull does not form properly.

Rory lived for two days, and in that short time Talitha said he “managed to teach me things that no one else could have”.


Writing on a pro-life website, Talitha commented: “It’s amazing how differently you view love after having a child.

I refused to abort the little hope I had for his tiny life

Talitha Davis

“How your perception of what’s important in life transforms.”

She added that through the way he moved, breathed, and the sound of his heartbeat she had already begun to get to know her son.

No regrets

She added: “I regret many of the mistakes that took me down this road, but I do not regret a single moment of his life, inside the womb and out, because he was there with me for every step – every hurt – every cry.”

Talitha said that Rory helped her and taught her “in a few days what no one else could have in an entire lifetime”.

Pure love

Last year, as part of our Choose Life series, The Christian Institute shared moving stories of other people who have rejected abortion.

One of the families involved was Bonnie and Phil Walker, whose daughter Grace was also diagnosed with anencephaly. She died 15 minutes after being born.

They had been told it was not a “viable” pregnancy and were offered an abortion.

But Phil described the 15 minutes they spent with their daughter as “15 minutes of pure love” with Bonnie affirming: “There’s a purpose for every life, no matter how short”.

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