‘I got pregnant from rape but I’m so happy I kept my baby’

A mother who became pregnant after being attacked and raped says despite the suffering, her son is a “gift from God”.

Jennifer Christie was told she was pregnant after falling ill at work, and medics said it would be simple to “take care of it” with an abortion.

However, despite the awful circumstances of the conception, “the possibility of ‘taking care of it’ never came off my lips. Or my husband’s”, she said.

‘Something wonderful’

Her husband described their baby as “something wonderful from something terrible”.

Jennifer, writing for a pro-life website, said it was then she “began to feel the stirrings of joy for the new life in my womb, blossoming under my heart”.

“That new love that would grow so fierce it overwhelmed any trepidation or angst”, she explained.


She commented that the medical community had often pressured her to abort, and that it was “heartbreaking” to hear the suggestion again and again.

Jennifer, a mother of five, says she’s “thankful to have been connected to other mothers who became pregnant by rape as well”.

“We are survivors. Not victims”, she wrote, commenting: “Our little boy may have been conceived in violence, but he is a gift from God”.

Choose Life

Jennifer, who is using her middle name to protect the identity of her family, concluded: “Every time we, as rape survivor mothers, share our stories, we are strengthened as we strengthen others…And who knows what lives might be spared?”

In October The Christian Institute highlighted the story of Gary Moore. He was conceived through the violent rape of his 17-year-old mother.

Gary, a church outreach pastor, speaks passionately of his deep joy in life and his gratitude to his mother for not giving in to pressure to abort him.

“It was always one of those pillars of life where I knew that she loved me no matter what.”

For other personal stories of people who have been deeply affected by abortion, see the Choose Life hub.

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