Huge Christian landmark to be erected in UK

A national landmark representing one million answered Christian prayers is set to be built in the UK.

The Wall of Answered Prayer will be built with a million bricks, each representing a prayer believed to have been answered by God.

The monument will be exclusively Christian rather than a multi-faith wall.


The project is the brainchild of Richard Gamble, former chaplain to Premier League champions Leicester City FC.

He said it would not be multi-faith, because “it is about God answering prayer in the name of his son, Jesus”.

The landmark is likely to be approximately three times the size of The Angel of the North in Gateshead.

Gamble hopes it will be built near a motorway, so that it will be easily noticeable to passing traffic.

Answered prayer

People will be asked to buy a brick for the wall, with a suggested donation of £10, with any excess funds to be donated to charity.

Each brick will be accompanied by a link to an answered prayer, which will be available on the project’s website.

Among the answered prayers is one from an infertile couple who were told they would not conceive without treatment, and now have four children without medical intervention.


Another is the testimony of a man who was registered at an eye hospital as they tracked his deterioration towards blindness. He has now been released without any traces of the disease remaining.

For each brick bought, another will be donated to social housing projects both in the UK and abroad.

134 design entries from 24 countries were received. These have now been reduced to a shortlist of five.

The preferred site will be announced in the summer.

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