Guide leader expelled over trans views ‘treated like a child abuser’

A Girl Guide leader who was expelled from the organisation for defending single-sex spaces, has spoken out on how she felt she was treated like a “child abuser”.

Dr Katie Alcock, a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Lancaster University, took legal action over her dismissal and has now reached a settlement with Girlguiding.

In 2017, the organisation published guidance saying biological males could access female-only spaces such as accommodation, changing rooms and toilets. After Dr Alcock raised concerns, an inquiry was launched into her conduct and she was later expelled for refusing to back down.


Reflecting on the inquiry, she explained: “It was like being questioned by the secret police in some totalitarian state. I felt like a criminal.”

After she was expelled, she said: “I was treated no differently from a child abuser. Yet all I’d done was say that safeguarding children in Girlguiding should come before anything else.”

It was like being questioned by the secret police in some totalitarian state.

Following the settlement, Girlguiding invited her to return to the organisation though it emphasised that it “remains proudly trans inclusive” and has not changed its controversial guidance. The organisation agreed to pay a proportion of her legal costs, which had amounted to a reported £100k over the course of the case.

Cancelled for questions

Earlier this year, a former Chief Executive Officer of Girl Guides Western Australia said she was ‘cancelled’ for suggesting the movement should only cater for girls.

Karyn Lisignoli lost her job for questioning the organisation’s policy, which allows boys and men who ‘live their lives as females’ to become members and leaders.

Lisignoli said she was hounded out of her role by LGBT activists for tweeting her opposition to radical transgender ideology.

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