‘Grossly irresponsible’ C4 programme to help women find sperm donors

Channel 4 has been criticised for a “grossly irresponsible” new programme about women choosing a sperm donor.

The programme, provisionally titled Parents To Be, would see single women investigating the backgrounds of different men before deciding which they would like to father their child.

The programme is still recruiting participants and is set to air next year, but it has been strongly criticised by family campaigners who say it turns conception “into a game”.

Wrong context

Piers Shepherd of the Family Education Trust said: “Having a child is a life-changing event for any couple and should be the fruit of a loving and committed relationship between a husband and wife.

“This Channel 4 show commodifies children by turning their conception into a game in which a woman weighs up the desirable traits of multiple fathers.

“It also separates conception and childbirth from the context of a loving relationship. This is a grossly irresponsible experiment”.

No romantic relationship

Some of the women involved in the show are not understood to be looking for a romantic relationship, while others are looking for someone who could ‘co-parent’ the child.

Channel 4 says the series hopes to help the women by using “experts” to take the “guesswork” out of finding a suitable co-parent.