Green councillor resigns over party’s ‘complicity’ in trans activists’ bullying

A Green Party councillor has resigned from his party over its alleged support for radical gender ideology and its failure to tackle bullying by transgender activists within the party.

Dom Armstrong, councillor for Sunderland City Council, shared in a Facebook post that senior party officials had shut down debate on transgenderism and blocked a motion designed to discuss the unlicensed prescription of puberty blockers to children.

He also revealed that female colleagues had received rape and death threats from transgender activists, and he called the leadership “complicit” for not taking action.

Ideology before safety

Armstrong said that when he had “politely disagreed” with other party members over transgender ideology, he was called “a transphobe, a homophobe, and worse”.

When a motion about women’s sex based rights was put forward he said the leadership were “horrified” that women would ask for fairness in sport or safe spaces in prisons.

I cannot stay in a party that puts ideology before women and children’s safety

He said: “I cannot stay in a party that puts ideology before women and children’s safety.”


The councillor also raised concerns that a Co-Chair of the party’s women’s committee works for GenderGP, which has been found to be bypassing regulatory safeguards in order to provide puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to young children.

An emergency motion tabled to discuss the practice was “deliberately blocked”, and GenderGP later stated that it was “proud” of the Green Party’s stance.

Earlier this year, an undercover investigation by The Daily Telegraph found that GenderGP staff were prepared to prescribe the drugs online to journalists posing as children under the age of 16 or their parents.

One GenderGP employee reportedly told investigators that their ‘12-year-old son’ could be given puberty blockers without actually speaking to a doctor.

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