Global trans group recommends sex swap surgery for 15-year-olds

Gender confused girls as young as 15 should be allowed to have double mastectomies, a global pro-trans organisation has recommended.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (Wpath) is an unofficial group which recommends “standards of care” for transgender people.

Other advice includes cross-sex hormones for children as young as 14 to take and allowing 17-year-olds to undergo genital surgeries.

Growing concerns

The latest guidelines come despite growing concern from healthcare professionals over the irreversible damage caused by such drastic medical interventions.

One of the former board members of Wpath has expressed his fears that kids who would otherwise outgrow their gender confusion are being taken though irreversible ‘treatments’.

Dr Erica Anderson, a male clinical psychologist who lives as a woman, says he still hears from dozens of parents whose “child had 20 minutes with the doctor” before being offered cross-sex hormones.

‘No evidence’

European countries including Britain are moving to tighten their guidelines around what has come to be recognised as experimental treatment on children and young people.

Dr David Bell, a consultant psychiatrist in the UK, said Wpath’s advice has “no evidential basis”.

Dr Bell rose to prominence after writing the whistleblowing report about the NHS Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS).

He said: “This is a call upon clinicians to abandon their clinical responsibility to a child and to submit to an ideological agenda which is harmful to children.”

Experimental drugs

Marcus Evans, a former governor at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which runs the GIDS, resigned in protest over the “inadequate” care of youngsters.

He said children in distress over their gender needed therapy and support, not experimental drugs and double mastectomies.

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