Freedom March celebrates ex-LGBT lives changed by Christ

Hundreds of people joined Florida’s Freedom March to celebrate alongside those who have left LGBT lifestyles after finding new life in Jesus.

Several shared their life-changing stories highlighting that their message is about ‘sharing the hope found in Jesus’.

Co-host Luis Javier Ruiz said, “After God dealt with my heart, he began to pour his love into me”. He added: “I was looking for attention, affirmation, acceptance, and in the homosexual community, it’s more about sex.”

‘Lack of purpose’

The founder of the Freedom March, Jeffrey McCall, recounted how Jesus rescued him from his life as a transgender prostitute.

Speaking previously, McCall explained that instead of finding happiness by living as a woman, his life only “got progressively worse”.

He said it was only after accepting Christ “I began to break through the unhappiness and lack of purpose that I had always felt” and “realized I am fine just the way I was created – as Jeffrey.

“I don’t have to try to become something I wasn’t born to be.”

‘Irreversible damage’

In recent months, The Christian Institute has highlighted numerous stories of people who have left the LGBT lifestyle to follow Jesus.

Sarah Sedgwick realised, through the ministry of her local church, that the Bible is clear why homosexual practice is wrong. She ended the relationship with her lesbian partner and committed her whole life to God.

American fashion set designer Becket Cook told how he found his Hollywood life ultimately empty, but Jesus Christ turned him around.

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