Free all trans prisoners and abolish birth certificates, lobby group demands

All transsexual prisoners should be released, children should be allowed unrestricted access to hormone blockers and birth certificates should be banned, transsexual campaigners are demanding.

In its manifesto, the Edinburgh chapter of the national Action for Trans Health (ATH) group, which has previously called for ‘radical violence’, said: “This is war, and we will win”.

The national body was handed a public platform when it gave oral evidence to an influential committee of MPs, while its founder has reportedly trained hundreds of NHS staff.

Drugs at any age

The Edinburgh manifesto states:

• “We demand hormones & blockers are made available over-the-counter and by free prescription upon request;

• “We need free, universal access” to such drugs “at any age” and “the opportunity to decide our own doses”;

We demand immediate release & pardon for all trans prisoners.

Edinburgh Action for Trans Health

• “We demand medical training to enable us to safely carry out medical procedures & research for each other”;

• “We demand mandatory education, written & taught entirely by trans people, at all educational stages, from nursery to adulthood”;

• “We demand immediate release & pardon for all trans prisoners.”

The document, which the group notes is not final because ‘our work will never be complete’, also comments that birth certificates are “a violence against trans people” and should be abolished.

Police deaths

The publication was highlighted by The Sunday Times, which also noted a House of Commons report on transsexualism had referred to evidence from the group’s national body – Action for Trans Health (ATH).

we must be radically and transformatively violent.

Edinburgh Action for Trans Health

It was also involved with a Manchester City Council research study into transsexual people, and selected to speak at an NHS-hosted event in July.

According to the newspaper, ATH’s leader has said she has “trained hundreds of medical staff for the NHS and private providers”.

The national group has also stated, in a now-deleted tweet, that police officers are better off dead.

‘Transformatively violent’

Earlier this year, Edinburgh Action for Trans Health (EATH) condoned violence after a woman concerned about transsexualism was punched and kicked by transsexual activists.

Maria MacLachlan was attacked in London’s Hyde Park as she met with other concerned women to discuss Government plans to allow people to legally self-identify their gender.

EATH said violence against such people was “always self defense”, adding, “we must be radically and transformatively violent”.

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