Feminist writer physically attacked for opposing trans ideology

A high-profile feminist writer has said she was attacked by a gender activist at an event hosted by Edinburgh University.

Julie Bindel was targeted after warning of the dangers of allowing men to self-identify as women.

A recent report by Women and Girls Scotland (WGS) accused the Scottish Government of putting females at risk in order to push radical gender ideology.


The event, held last week, was organised to challenge proposals to allow men free access to women’s spaces in prisons and hospitals and on sports teams.

After speaking, Bindel was waiting for a taxi when a man in women’s clothing shouted in her face, calling her a “Nazi” and “Terf scum”.

The man lunged at her and had to be restrained by three security guards.

Writing in The Times, Bindel explained that she has experienced similar abuse many times in her career because of her belief that it is “impossible to change sex”.


“I refuse to accept the Orwellian concept that it is possible for a man simply to declare he is now ‘a woman’ because he ‘feels like a woman’”, she said.

Bindel added: “How have we arrived at this shocking state of affairs, where feminist campaigners are called “Nazi scum” and are no-platformed — denied a forum — for speaking out on behalf of marginalised and abused women?”

All twelve members of Edinburgh University’s staff LGBT committee resigned because of the decision to invite Bindel to speak.

A Green MSP who attended the meeting felt it necessary to apologise for doing so, which SNP Westminster Justice Spokeswomen Joanna Cherry described as “sinister”.


Last month, a report by Women and Girls Scotland said the Scottish Government was ignoring equality legislation which protects people’s right to single-sex spaces.

The group said the Scottish Government failed to carry out “any research, consultation or assessment” on the impact of implementing pro-trans laws.

It also accuses the Government of putting women and girls at risk in prisons, schools and refuges.

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