Scottish Government accused of breaking equality laws

A new report accuses Scottish ministers of ignoring equality legislation which protects people’s right to single-sex spaces in their push to adopt radical gender ideology.

Women and Girls Scotland (WGS) says the Scottish Government failed to carry out “any research, consultation or assessment” on the impact of implementing pro-trans laws.

It accuses the Government of putting women and girls at risk in prisons, schools and refuges.

Intimate healthcare

The WGS report suggests Government guidance on supporting transgender pupils may be breaching as many as eleven UN articles.

It also says that because health boards carry no record of transgender staff, they cannot ensure that women are seen by another woman when intimate healthcare is being carried out.

The report revealed that the Scottish Prisons Service is now reviewing its trans policy after facing criticism for housing men who identify as women alongside biological females.

Threatening behaviour

In Scotland’s women’s prison, Cornton Vale, a series of incidents have been documented, including a threat of rape, sexual harassment and physical aggression.

The report states that “for many women simply having to share intimate spaces where they are vulnerable with someone who is male” is “re-traumatising”.

A spokesman for the Scottish Prisons Service said it would be opening a consultation soon.

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