Exclusive video: demoted for disagreeing with gay marriage

He was demoted and had his salary cut by 40 per cent.

Now Adrian Smith talks exclusively to The Christian Institute following his High Court victory.

Four little words, “an equality too far”, on his personal Facebook page were enough to get Adrian Smith demoted from his managerial post at Trafford Housing Trust.

He tried to appeal internally against the astoundingly heavy-handed response, but his bosses dug their heels in and stood by their decision.


Even the intervention of gay marriage campaigners, like Peter Tatchell, failed to persuade the chiefs at Trafford Housing Trust that they had made a terrible mistake.

To recover his lost earnings and to plant a flag for freedom, Adrian Smith took the Trust to court for breach of contract. His legal action was funded by The Christian Institute.


He won his case, to the acclaim of everyone who cares about free speech. The judge declared that Mr Smith had done nothing wrong, and his employer had acted unlawfully.

Now, in this exclusive video with The Christian Institute, he talks about the two-year battle to stand up for marriage and for freedom.


He talks about the highs and the lows, the impact on himself and his family, and why he hasn’t been given his managerial job back.

He encourages Christians to stand up for themselves when they have been falsely accused of doing something wrong.

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