Ex-presidential candidate censored for gay comments

A former Ecuadorian presidential candidate has been banned from politics and fined more than £2,000 for disagreeing with homosexual practice.

Nelson Zavala, who is a preacher, was ordered to pay $3,180 (£2,075) and has been barred from political activity for a year.

He said homosexual behaviour is “immoral” when on his campaign trail in February this year.


Mr Zavala is now unable to stand as a candidate or be involved with a political party or movement.

He said at the hearing that his opinions were aimed at the country’s constitution, which “destroys the true Ecuadorian family” by allowing same-sex civil unions.

But Judge Patricia Baca Mancheno found Mr Zavala violated the electoral code, which bans candidates from “publicly expressing any thoughts that discriminate or affect other people’s dignity or utilise symbols, expressions or allusions of a religious nature”.


Mr Zavala is planning to appeal the ruling.

In February, comic giant DC faced calls to sack a new Superman writer because of his traditional family beliefs.

And in October last year, a university diversity officer in America was suspended after signing a petition calling for a referendum on the issue of same-sex marriage.

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