Evangelicals decry Kirk decision to sanction same-sex weddings

Evangelicals in Scotland have severely criticised the Church of Scotland’s decision to allow same-sex weddings in its buildings.

Revd Dr William Philip, minister of one of the largest churches in Scotland, accused the Kirk of kowtowing to the spirit of the age rather than upholding Christian truth.

And Covenant Fellowship Scotland, a group within the denomination committed to biblical authority, denounced the Church’s decision as contrary to the Scriptures.

Truth and error

Revd Philip, Minister of the Tron Church Glasgow, left the Church of Scotland with his congregation following the General Assembly’s decision to allow homosexual ministers to be ordained over a decade ago.

In an interview with Coalition for Marriage, he said the Kirk’s latest move to depart from the teaching of the Bible had not been a surprise, explaining that regrettably “the Rubicon was crossed a long time ago”.

He said the church was guilty of “trying to reflect wider society, rather than leading the nation in the path of truth against error”.


Covenant Fellowship Scotland similarly described the General Assembly decision to redefine marriage as a “serious mistake”.

In a statement, it said: “The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, in converting an overture permitting ministers and deacons to officiate at same-sex marriages into an Act of the Church, has acted in a way which is both unbiblical and sinful.”

It continued: “This decision contradicts everything the Bible has to say about the complementary nature of men and women, and of the character and purposes of marriage.

“Instead of following the clear and unambiguous teaching of God’s written word, the Bible, the Church of Scotland continues to follow popular opinion.”


A majority of presbyteries had already indicated their support for the latest move away from historic Christian belief last month.

At the time, The Christian Institute’s Scotland Officer, Nigel Kenny, called it “a very sad development”, adding “it seems that the majority of presbyteries are more interested in taking their cue from culture rather than Christ”.

Ministers wishing to conduct a same-sex ceremony will be able to make their application to the Principal Clerk, who will then make the application to the Registrar General for Scotland.

Deacons and ministers who do not wish to participate will not be forced to conduct or be involved in the arrangements for same-sex weddings through the provision of a conscience clause in the legislation.

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