‘Empty promise of transsexualism must not be pushed on kids’

Schools across the United States are “socially indoctrinating young children toward accepting transsexualism”, an author and former transsexual has warned.

In an article for The Federalist, Walt Heyer – who lived as a woman and had sex-change surgery before ‘changing back’ – accused LGBT activists of “infiltrating the curriculum” in order to create the next generation of “participants”.

Earlier in the year, Heyer slammed the BBC for promoting transsexualism in spite of an alarmingly high suicide rate among transsexual people.

‘Empty promise’

In a lengthy article, the accomplished author and public speaker said young people are being “encouraged by educators and medical professionals to experiment with gender transition”.

But drawing on his own experience, he argued that ‘changing gender’ is an “empty promise, a temporary reprieve” that doesn’t fix anything.

“After much psychological counseling”, he said, “I came to see that my dream of becoming a girl had simply been an escape to cope with deep pain from childhood events.

“Unfortunately, the so-called earlier treatment of cross-gender hormones and surgery was destructive for my family, marriage, and career, and nearly caused me to take my own life.”

‘Lacks compassion’

Going on to describe the “accepted treatment” for gender issues today – sex-change surgery – Heyer said it seems “barbaric” and “lacking in compassion”.

He recounted historical examples of doctors using surgery to address psychological issues, which often resulted in misery and suicide for the patients involved.

“Our long history with treating transgenderism strongly suggests surgery has not been effective”, Heyer added.

BBC ignores research

In his conclusion, he urged parents to “take a stand” against schools and policies intended to push children towards “gender change and eliminating male and female sex distinctions.

“Parents cannot afford to stand silently by while their right to parent their children is eroded.”

Earlier this year, after the BBC used its most popular TV news programme to promote transsexualism, Walt Heyer said: “It’s puzzling that somebody like the BBC doesn’t look at the actual research”.

See his exclusive interview with The Christian Institute here.

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