Easy way to respond to Scots consultation on marriage

People living in Scotland can respond to the Scottish Government’s public consultation on redefining marriage via a handy online form at https://www.christian.org.uk.

Go to the form.

Officials at the Scottish Government have confirmed that the responses will be accepted as part of the consultation process.

The consultation asks whether marriage should be redefined to introduce same-sex marriage.


It also asks whether religious celebrants should be allowed to perform homosexual civil partnership registrations in religious premises.

Several church denominations have spoken out against the plans, expressing concerns about the impact of such radical steps.

The Scottish Government has said it leans towards introducing same-sex marriage, but that it will listen to all sides before making a decision.


The Christian Institute’s spokesman Mike Judge said: “We know that Christians and others in Scotland feel strongly that marriage should not be redefined by the state.

“The implications of rewriting marriage are manifold, not least for children and schools.

“The Scottish Government wants to hear the views of the people, and our online form helps people to take part.”

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