DfE reinforces importance of teaching biological sex

The importance of biological sex should be maintained in sex education lessons, the Department for Education (DfE) has said.

Following reports that children in Ipswich were being exposed to the ‘Genderbread Person’ graphic, the DfE issued a statement reminding schools of their legal duty to deliver politically impartial teaching.

The discredited graphic teaches children that ‘gender identity’, ‘gender expression’ and biological sex can all be different – and exist anywhere on scale from 0-100.


Concerns were raised by Ipswich MP Tom Hunt and local councillor and mum Sam Murray about resources promoting gender ideology in Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) lessons in local schools.

We’ve been repeatedly clear about the importance of biological sex and that contested views should not be taught as fact.

The DfE responded: “We’ve been repeatedly clear about the importance of biological sex and that contested views should not be taught as fact.

“Schools should prioritise the safeguarding and wellbeing of all children and always involve parents in decisions relating to their child.”

Its spokesperson also said: “the government has already brought forward an urgent review of the curriculum and is looking at introducing age ratings to make sure teaching materials are appropriate”.

Parent governor case

In September, a Christian mum – recently reinstated as a parent governor following an order made by the High Court – urged governors to check their school’s RSE policies for unlawful trans ideology.

A Gateshead primary school had removed the mum, known as Susan, for raising concerns that resources promoting gender ideology were set to be used in the classroom without the Governing Body properly considering if they breached education law.

The case was backed by The Christian Institute and Deputy Director Ciarán Kelly said: “It is clear to us that in many schools today, resources promoted by Stonewall and other groups include the discredited idea that ‘gender identity’ can be different from biological sex – an idea that has no basis in science.”

He added that her reinstatement “sends a strong message to school governors that the law is on their side in asking detailed questions, scrutinising policies and always seeking the very best education for the children for whom they are responsible.”

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