Detransitioner: ‘I had my breasts removed at 13-years-old’

A young Californian woman has launched legal action against the medics who pushed her into having a double mastectomy to appear male when she was just 13-years-old.

Layla Jane suffered from gender-confusion, suicidal feelings and eating disorders from childhood, and when she heard about transgenderism at eleven-years-old she decided she was a boy and asked to be called Kyle.

Doctors initially said they could not give her cross-sex hormones and ‘sex swap’ surgery because she was too young. But other medics argued against an age limit and gave her puberty blockers and testosterone at twelve-years-old, followed by a double mastectomy just months later.


Layla said the ‘sex swap’ procedures were “pushed as the only way forward”, yet she now realises that “transition just completely added fuel to the fire that was my pre-existing conditions”.

According to the lawsuit, her parents were told: “Would you rather have a live son or a dead daughter?”

The legal papers criticised the medics for “failing to adequately assess and treat Layla’s complex array of mental health symptoms. Instead, the defendants coerced Layla and her parents with the threat of suicide and false information, into an ill-advised experimental course of chemical/surgical imitation sex change treatment”.

the defendants coerced Layla and her parents with the threat of suicide and false information

Harmeet Dhillon, Chief Executive Officer of the Center for American Liberty, which is representing Layla, said “we seek to deter this assembly-line, insensitive, and destructive treatment of children with these woke, unscientific, and barbaric practices”.

Harmed not helped

Chloe Cole, who is also being represented by the Center for American Liberty, told the “Detransition Awareness Day” rally in Sacramento, California that no-one knows the full number of detransitioners because so many are afraid to speak out.

She explained how she had her “breasts permanently removed” at 15-years-old, but then realised the procedures which were supposed to help her become “whole and healthy” were actually harming her.

Erin Friday of parent support network Our Duty, which organised the rally, told attendees the detransitioners speaking “don’t want to be here. They don’t want centre stage, but they are compelled to be here because they don’t want what happened to them to happen to others.”


Earlier this year, the US states of Mississippi, South Dakota and Utah agreed to better protections for children from sex-swap drugs and surgeries.

The use of puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones and gender reassignment surgeries on minors will now be prohibited. Healthcare providers who violate the new laws risk losing their licence to practice medicine and could face legal action.

These states join Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Tennessee and Texas in passing laws or taking executive action to restrict these dangerous practices.

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