Dan Walker: ‘I don’t have all the answers but I trust in a God who does’

Presenter, writer and broadcaster Dan Walker has shared his testimony of how he came to trust in Jesus.

In an interview with Sorted magazine, the Channel 5 presenter and father of three said he attended church from an early age but he didn’t understand his need for Christ until 12 years old.

The evangelical Christian, who does not work on Sundays, has repeatedly spoken about how his faith shapes his life. Although he has turned down “amazing jobs” to keep Sunday special, he emphasised that he’s “very happy with that decision”.


Walker reflected: “As a 12-year-old, I realised that I needed help. I couldn’t do things on my own. And there was a guy speaking in church that night about Jesus Christ and what it meant to be a Christian. That was the clincher for me.

“The next day I was still probably a very annoying 12-year-old. But I think I’ve tried to live in the light of that ever since.”

He said: “I don’t mind asking big, deep, meaningful questions. I don’t have all the answers, but I feel I trust in a God who does.”


Walker’s parents were both teachers, before his father became the pastor of a church.

The presenter said: “I learned a lot about kindness and sacrifice from my parents because they were always doing things for other people. We always had people around the house.

“People would turn up from America, and they’d stay at our house for five days. Or my dad would pick people up from Gatwick Airport in the middle of the night, and they’d still be there three days later. And I think it’s just having that open home.”


In December, Walker spoke of the life-changing power of the Christmas message.

Sharing his favourite Christmas Carol – ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ – on The Church of England’s official X account, he testified to the truth of the Incarnation.

Reflecting on the words “He came down to earth from heaven, who is God and Lord of all”, Walker said: “I love that line because, you know, if that’s true, if Jesus is the Son of God – who he claimed to be – then that is life-changing, life-affirming truth.

“And that, for me, is at the very heart of what the Christmas message is all about.”

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