Dan Walker speaks of powerful, life-changing message of Christmas

Presenter, writer and broadcaster Dan Walker has spoken of the life-changing power of the Christmas message.

Sharing his favourite Christmas Carol – ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ – on The Church of England’s official X account, Walker testified to the truth of the Incarnation.

Walker, an evangelical Christian, has repeatedly described how his Christian faith shapes how he lives.

Gospel truth

Reflecting on the words “He came down to earth from heaven, who is God and Lord of all”, Walker said: “That’s a decent slice of theology, isn’t it? The arrival of the Saviour.

“I love that line because, you know, if that’s true, if Jesus is the Son of God – who he claimed to be – then that is life-changing, life-affirming truth.

“And that, for me, is at the very heart of what the Christmas message is all about.”

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