Curbs imposed on disgraced gender GP, but suspension lifted for now

A GP under investigation for running an unlicensed transgender clinic for children may return to medical practice for now, a tribunal has ruled, but only if stringent conditions are met.

The Interim Orders Tribunal (IOT) has restored the licence of disgraced doctor Helen Webberley, pending the outcome of an investigation into allegations of medical misconduct.

Webberley faces 29 charges brought by the General Medical Council (GMC), including compromising patient safety and prescribing inappropriately to young people who struggle with gender confusion.

Under supervision

Interim conditions imposed by the IOT on Webberley state that she “must not prescribe, administer or have primary responsibility for any drugs”.

Furthermore, she “must be closely supervised in all of her posts by a clinical supervisor”.

The medic must also “keep a log detailing every case where she consults with a transgender patient”.

Webberley is required to personally notify the GMC “of any post she accepts” before taking it up, and allow the Council to “exchange information” with any employer.

Illegal activity

In 2018, the GMC banned Webberley from working in the UK after she was found guilty of running an illegal online sex-swap clinic from her home in Wales.

After she was suspended, Webberley moved her drugs business – GenderGP – overseas, where it continues to bypass regulatory safeguards to dispense puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to vulnerable children.

Last year, GenderGP told The Daily Telegraph that it had prescribed ‘sex swap’ hormones to children as young as twelve, and puberty blockers to children as young as ten.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service must now decide whether Webberley is fit for medical practice. The hearing began in July last year and is scheduled to reconvene in April.

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