Cosmetics retailer Lush pushing trans propaganda

Lush, best known for its handmade bath bombs and soaps, has decided to throw its weight behind promoting transgenderism in North America.

Every outlet has cleared its windows in order to push pro-trans adverts on the passing public.

In-store, customers will also be given a “How to be a trans ally” guide, as part of the two-week campaign.

‘Ladies and gentlemen’

The guide tells people to affirm transsexuals and offers tips for being a “better ally”.

These include avoiding using terms such as “ladies and gentlemen”, because they “assume genders and exclude people”.

It also advises people that: “A person who’s questioning their gender might shift back and forth as they find out what’s best for them.”

‘Inner Truth’

The cosmetics company, headquartered in the UK, also aims to raise $450,000 for transgender rights organisations such as the National Center for Transgender Equality and The Canadian Centre For Gender & Sexual Diversity.

To achieve its goal, it has created a product called “Inner Truth Bath Melt”, with 100 per cent of the sales (after tax) being donated to the charities.

Its online campaign revolves heavily around a video compiling quotes from Lush’s transgender employees, including “My gender identity is a journey”.

River Island

Earlier this month, parents and shoppers in the UK voiced their objections to a similar campaign by clothing retailer River Island, which aired a ‘gender-free’ advert well before the watershed.

The “seriously inappropriate” advert features a gay kiss and a model labelled ‘100% gender free’, and was broadcast at just 4pm, with parents complaining it had shocked their children.

The advert is part of a wider marketing campaign dubbed “Labels are for clothes”, which features another model who is labelled ‘100% woman’, despite being born male and having not undergone any surgery.

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