‘Complaints about trans issues are forbidden’, primary heads told

Primary and secondary schools should ‘celebrate’ transsexualism in their curriculum and prohibit anyone from complaining, head teachers have been told.

Guidance from the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) for schools with trans staff recommends that transsexual people, their issues and experiences are celebrated in school.

Written in conjunction with LGBT lobby group Stonewall, it adds that school leaders should forbid parents, governors and staff from complaining about the policies that promote transsexualism.


In a series of recommendations, schools are encouraged to ensure transgender issues are included in relationships and sex education, and to send staff on training courses run by Stonewall.

The guidance also says dress codes should be modified to allow students and staff to wear clothes and use toilets that match their ‘preferred gender’.

The NAHT represents over 28,000 school leaders across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Radical Ideology

The Campaign for Real Education’s Chris McGovern said politically correct indoctrination by adults has no place in schools.

“This latest intrusion into childhood will cause upset, confusion and trauma for many youngsters”, he said.

Laura Perrins, co-editor of The Conservative Woman, said: “This radical, ideological guidance is being introduced with no consultation with parents and has real potential to confuse children.”


A poll on one news website showed little support for Stonewall’s latest transsexualism push.

Responding to the question “Should schools be made to have books featuring trans parents?”, 87 per cent said “No”.

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