Comedian slams NHS for ‘peddling trans ideology’

The creator of comedy series Father Ted has branded NHS training that denies the reality of biological sex: “offensive, revisionist, misogynistic balderdash”.

Graham Linehan challenged the use of NHS funds to promote transgender ideology.

He branded its attempts to get staff to ‘pretend or believe’ that “sex is anything other than binary and immutable” an “appalling waste of public money. And very dangerous”.


Linehan accused the NHS of “promoting gender identity ideology by peddling the notion that there are more than two sexes”.

The comedian used his website to reveal a number of “questionable” online training sessions hosted by the NHS for its staff, including Introduction to Plurisexual Identities and Bi+ Allyship and Intersectionality.

“For the uninitiated” he explained, “‘plurisexual’ is defined as ‘Individuals who experience attractions to people of multiple genders’”.

‘Tragic consequences’

Commenting on a session on ‘trans and non-binary awareness’, Linehan questioned why the NHS was asserting that sex is not binary.

“If anyone should understand and acknowledge the reality of biological sex, it is our national healthcare provider. To be ignorant of someone’s biological sex in a healthcare setting can have tragic consequences”.

Linehan also criticised the involvement of Nancy Kelley, CEO of the controversial LGBT lobby group Stonewall, who was billed to give a talk entitled Why Pride? A history.

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