‘Collective frenzy’ over trans rights a cause for concern, says Attorney General

Turning the “basics of biology” upside down is causing social havoc, the Attorney General for England and Wales has said.

Suella Braverman told The Sunday Telegraph she believed ‘trans rights culture’ was “out of control” and a threat to the wellbeing of children, stifling free speech and causing legal uncertainty.

In May, Braverman made clear that teachers were under no legal obligation to use a child’s ‘preferred pronoun’, to allow boys to wear girls’ school uniform, or to compromise on access to single-sex toilets.

Biological reality

The Government’s chief legal adviser expressed concern at the growing influence of radical transgender ideology in education.

She highlighted the plight of some teachers who had reported feeling under pressure to toe the ‘transgender line’ by affirming gender-confused children in ways that contradicted their biological sex.

Braverman said: “We cannot be living in a society whereby people are terrified of pointing out the basic facts of biology, for fear of losing their job, and that is happening within schools.”

We cannot be living in a society whereby people are terrified of pointing out the basic facts of biology, for fear of losing their job

‘Cultural creep’

“I think we are seeing a cultural creep”, the Attorney General continued, “whereby a minority group”, supported by “activist charities”, is “dictating what the majority should be doing”.

She questioned the appropriateness of “the sometimes irreversible, incredibly intrusive” procedure of “surgical gender reassignment” for children and adults confused about their gender identity.

Braverman expressed particular fear at the impact on girls where “emotional challenges” were being “played out through gender dysphoria”.

She added: “Teachers are sometimes acting without the knowledge of parents. They are allowing these teenagers to proceed down a route, which can be very damaging for them in the long run.”

Constitutional clash

England and Wales’ most senior lawyer also warned of a possible clash with the Scottish Government over its highly controversial plans to allow people as young as 16 years old to choose their own legal sex.

She said: “Effectively the Scottish Parliament, if this is enacted, will be approving a form of self-identification. And we will have a two-tier system within the United Kingdom.”

“I can’t foresee how that is workable, whereby north of the border, you may be able to self-identify but a bit south of the border that might not be recognised.

“What effects does that have on our public institutions, our state? It is incredibly worrying and causes a huge amount of uncertainty.”

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