CofE school defends book promoting gender ideology to four-year-olds

A Church of England (CofE) primary school in Essex has defended its use of a book promoting gender confusion as part of World Book Day.

Stephen and Joanne Evans withdrew their son from the school when the book, My Shadow is Pink, was set to be used.

Children were also asked to dress up to “reflect how they see their shadow and how they see themselves”.

Harmful ideology

The school’s head teacher, Aleishia Lewis, defended the book’s use, referring them to the CofE’s Living in Love and Faith resource and its call to “seek to be a church that embodies ‘the radical new Christian inclusion’”.

But Mr and Mrs Evans said it was “a slap on the face” to have the church’s guidance used against them to “justify confusing and harmful teaching on gender identity”.

“Parents who believe we are born male and female and who do not want their children exposed to harmful ideology are losing their voice and their rights.”

Lewis said: “we all interpret the Bible differently”.

‘Innermost you’

The book is recommended by the controversial LGBT lobby group Educate & Celebrate and promotes the idea that a person’s ‘true identity’ can be different from their biological sex.

The boy in the story is encouraged to identify with his ‘pink shadow’ by wearing a dress to school as if he is a girl.

His father tells him: “Your shadow is pink, I see now it’s true, it’s not just your shadow, it’s your innermost you.”

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