Civil servants received ‘ideological and unscientific’ trans training

Civil servants are being trained using discredited gender ideology resources, The Telegraph has revealed.

‘The Genderbread Person’ was shown to approximately 180 civil servants in February, in a session arranged by trans activist group a:gender and the Civil Service Race Forum. The diagram claims that gender identity and biological sex are on a spectrum of zero to 100.

The resource describes gender identity as “how you, in your head, experience and define your gender”. It has also been used in Government departments during diversity meetings.


Bev Jackson, Director of LGB Alliance, criticised the training for promoting “aggressively ideological and unscientific nonsense” by lobby groups who “often misrepresent equalities law to undermine women’s rights”.

Public bodies have also partnered with LGBT activist group Global Butterflies, which uses the discredited resource and advises employers to “remove gender from all your written communications” and install gender-neutral toilets.

aggressively ideological and unscientific nonsense

Among its clients is Strategic Command – which manages joint responsibilities across the armed forces – UK Parliament, British Transport Police and NHS Health Education England. The Ministry of Defence said it did not pay the LGBT group, but held a panel discussion with it in 2019.

Maya Forstater, co-founder of the group Sex Matters, said: “Government departments should be careful that the civil service isn’t jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. When they leave Stonewall they are vulnerable to just carrying on with the same approach but with other organisations.”


Earlier this year, it was revealed that the controversial trans activist group Mermaids provided over 140 training sessions to organisations and individuals during 2020-21.

This included 59 sessions for schools, ten to NHS Trusts and two to police forces.

The LGBT group’s income has jumped over recent years, from just over £127,000 in 2017 to £1.85 million in 2021.

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