Christians urged to pray for new Government

Christians across the UK have been encouraged to pray for the new Government after Thursday’s General Election results.

The Christian Institute, drawing on the Bible’s command to pray for “all those in authority”, is urging supporters to pray that MPs would act courageously and with integrity.

A hung parliament had been widely expected, but the Conservatives won a narrow majority and David Cameron continues as Prime Minister.


Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said: “I know that many thousands of Christians will be praying – and rightly so.

“The Bible tells us in 1 Timothy 2 to pray for our Government, whoever is in charge. It tells us to pray that we would be allowed the freedom to live godly lives and have liberty to share the gospel.

“Jeremiah 29 also teaches us that it is right to seek the welfare of the country in which we live, even if that country isn’t godly.”

Gospel freedom

Earlier this week The Christian Institute asked supporters to pray that the new Government would defend religious liberty and gospel freedom.

Ahead of the vote, The Christian Institute’s Election Briefing 2015 provided the only in-depth analysis of party policies on key issues for Christians. Over 70,000 briefings have been distributed.

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