Christians facing increased persecution in China

New regulations are leaving Christians in China facing increased persecution from their Communist Government.

Tighter controls are being imposed on churches, with some being forced to install cameras which can live-stream services to the authorities.

This comes on top of the recent removal of crosses from church buildings and demolition of churches deemed too large.

Faith under fire

Founder of religious freedom group ChinaAid Bob Fu said the new regulations were aimed at lowering church attendance in the country, and targeting official as well as unofficial churches.

Despite the increased persecution, Fu is positive. He said: “I have hope for the future, these campaigns were done in Roman times, under Stalin and under Mao, and none succeeded”.

He added: “It will only have the opposite effect, and if Communist party cadres studied history they would see this.

“Crackdowns will cause the church to grow faster, and help church be more united.”

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