Christian drugs adviser in gay row slams Home Office

The Christian GP who was ditched from the Government’s drug advisory panel because of comments he made about homosexuality has accused the Home Office of hypocrisy.

Dr Hans-Christian Raabe was dismissed from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs earlier this month after media coverage of a 2005 scientific report he co-authored which linked homosexuality and child sex abuse.

But Dr Raabe, who backs total abstinence from drugs, is considering suing the Home Office after learning that it had made a similar point in one of its own reports.


The respected GP said: “This is quite hypocritical and very bizarre indeed. I am being sacked by the Home Office for stating what a Home Office document says.

“I volunteered for unpaid public service and feel as though my personal and professional reputation has been shamefully destroyed by the Government for saying something it says itself.”

He added: “The real issue is that there was a campaign to get rid of me. I suspect it’s a group of people that are for a more liberal drug policy and perhaps want to legalise drugs.”


Dr Raabe was dropped from the advisory panel after it emerged that he had co-written a scientific report which noted that 25 per cent of child sex abuse was homosexual.

Yet in 1998 the Home Office itself released a report which cited a study showing that “approximately 20 to 33% of child sexual abuse is homosexual in nature”.

Commenting on the case in the Mail on Sunday Peter Hitchens said: “Dr Raabe is accused of having expressed ‘controversial’ views on homosexuality and of having ‘failed to declare them’, though they are traceable in seconds on the internet and he had no good reason to think they had anything to do with his appointment.


“It has come to something when a man is required to guess which past words of his may be regarded as ‘controversial’ when seeking a state appointment, and be dismissed for getting such a riddle wrong.

“I have spent several days trying to discover exactly what the Home Office means by ‘controversial’ in this case, or who defines this word.

“No reply. I think we should also wonder why it is a sacking offence, in a free society, to be controversial.”

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