Children questioned about their sexuality in Canadian schools survey

A Canadian district school board has rolled out an intrusive survey questioning young children about their sexuality.

The Upper Grand District School Board in Guelph, Ontario launched the census to identify “barriers” based on students’ identity.

Students are not asked about biological sex, but instead have to select their “gender identity” and “sexual orientation”.

Not anonymous

The survey is not anonymous but students can choose to opt-out, and, the board claim, data will be treated confidentially.

Gender identity is explained as “a person’s feeling” and that it can be “different from their sex assigned at birth”.

Options offered are: “Boy/man, gender fluid, gender variant, girl/woman, non-binary, questioning, trans boy or man, trans girl or woman, or two-spirit”.

Children as young as 12 are also asked to choose their sexual orientation from a list which includes straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirit, queer, questioning, asexual, and pansexual.

If a preferred gender identity or sexual orientation is not listed students can specify their own.

‘Targeting of children’

People voiced their concerns online with one person saying: “Teachers are in school to teach the basics, not to corrupt our children’s minds.”

Another asked: “Do schools actually teach anything anymore? Or just indoctrinate?”

“That is highly disturbing!”, said another.


Earlier this year, almost a third of local authorities in Scotland refused to roll out the Scottish Government’s controversial survey into the sex lives of young people.

The Scottish Government pushed councils to gather information through its ‘Health and Wellbeing Census’, a survey that asks teens in years S4 to S6 shocking sexual questions, and primary school children intrusive questions about their home life.

In another survey funded by the Welsh Government children as young as 13 were asked highly intrusive questions about their sexual experiences.

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