Canadian Govt creates ‘Pride Season’ as June ‘isn’t enough’

The Canadian Government has created an entire season for LGBT ‘Pride’, claiming one month simply “isn’t enough”.

‘Pride Season’ will now run between June and September and will include a series of events to promote LGBT lifestyles.

The change was announced on official Government Twitter account ‘Free to be me’.

‘Conversion therapy’ ban

Last year, the Canadian Government came under fire for proposing controversial legislation banning so-called conversion therapy.

Under Bill C-6, a person could be imprisoned for up to five years for “knowingly” causing a child to undergo ‘conversion therapy’. The legislation seeks to ban a range of practices deemed non-affirming towards those experiencing same-sex attraction or gender confusion.

In a letter to the Canadian Government, Roman Catholic bishops said: “There is a real danger that Christian and other religious and ethical teaching with respect to human sexuality would be interpreted as criminal acts.”

They warned that the Bill could criminalise “private conversations between parents and their children on matters of human sexuality”, interfering with parents’ rights to raise children in accordance with their religious and ethical beliefs.

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