Disney looks to cash in on ‘gay pride’ month

Disney has launched a huge range of LGBT-branded merchandise ahead of Pride month in June.

Among the items are Mickey and Minnie dolls daubed with the LGBT movement’s multi-coloured flag. Communications Manager Anthony Armenia said more products would be released as Disney continues to “celebrate the community”.

The company will use money from sales of its Rainbow Disney Collection to support a number of LGBT activist groups.


It is the latest in a series of moves by the Hollywood giant to promote LGBT lifestyles more heavily.

In March last year, animated film Onward was the first Disney-Pixar film to feature an openly homosexual character. It was quickly followed by short film, Out, where a gay character plays the lead role.

In 2017, the entertainment giant sparked controversy with its new Beauty and the Beast film, after its director revealed it would include two gay plot lines. Director Bill Condon told homosexual magazine Attitude that his own sexuality gave him a political motive for introducing them.

The Christian Institute’s Ciarán Kelly said: “Walt Disney dedicated his success to his Congregationalist upbringing and lifelong habit of prayer. I strongly suspect if he were alive today he would be shocked at what has become of his legacy.”

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