Canada: Couple rejected by adoption agency for resisting trans ideology

A couple in Canada have been rejected by an adoption agency for saying that they would uphold the reality of biological sex, it has been reported.

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, the father – who spoke anonymously to protect his and his wife’s identity – said the couple were rejected despite having previously been assured that their home check had raised no issues.

The rejection letter said their views were “not in alignment with the values and purposes” of the agency or the Child Welfare mandate of Ontario.

‘Love and support’

The father-of-one explained that when the couple were first asked how they would deal with a trans child, they responded that “no matter what, we would provide love and support” for them, in accordance with their “Christian values”.

Asked again at a later stage by the Muskoka Family Connexions adoption worker “we said that we would seek out counselling and other resources to support the child”.

“We also said that we didn’t agree with providing a minor with hormone treatments or surgery. We also said that that we didn’t agree that we should simply let the child dress as the other gender.”

Get informed

They subsequently received the letter informing them that the agency would not consider “an adoption placement for any child if the placement does not demonstrate that a child’s human rights for emotional safety and belonging are able to be respected and protected”.

It also encouraged the couple to educate themselves “to become more informed with gender identity as a human rights issue”.

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