Cameron alienates his own voters over gay marriage

The Prime Minister is alienating his own voters in his Witney constituency because of his support for redefining marriage, a new poll shows.

Two thirds of his constituents want to keep marriage as it is – between one man and one woman.

That number climbs to 75 per cent amongst the people who voted for him at the last general election.

Out of touch

A majority, 56 per cent, think he is out of touch with ordinary voters on the issue.

At the weekend a separate national poll showed that the Tories face losing up to 30 parliamentary seats and 1.1 million votes if the Government presses ahead with redefining marriage.

Anxious backbench Tory MPs have been deluged by complaints from constituents and are alarmed that the party is haemorrhaging votes over the issue.


The Coalition for Marriage wants to hold on to the current definition of marriage and almost 500,000 people have signed up to its petition.

Campaign Director, Colin Hart, says David Cameron should not let his equalities minister press ahead with the divisive plan.

He said: “The polling shows the growing opposition to the Government’s proposals to redefine marriage, with the two most recent surveys showing that this is a major vote loser.


“If the PM continues to allow his equalities minister to continue to press ahead with this deeply unpopular and profoundly undemocratic proposal, then he can expect to pay the price for this at the ballot box.

“In addition to the 491,000 ordinary people who have signed the petition, a growing number of MPs including a majority of Conservative MPs now believe that these proposals will be dropped.

“Given the mounting opposition to redefining marriage, including in his own constituency, I hope the Prime Minister will now listen to and trust the British public when they say tinkering with the meaning of marriage is not necessary and not wanted.”