BPAS sends abortion pills to a 28-week pregnant woman

Abortion giant the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) sent abortion pills to a woman who was seven months pregnant during the Covid pandemic.

After taking the pills, the woman gave birth to a baby at 28 weeks. DIY abortions are only legal up to ten weeks in England and Wales. It is unclear whether the baby was born alive.

The incident was reported to the police. This was seized upon by BPAS to argue for legalising abortion up to birth.

‘Profoundly dangerous’

An NHS doctor and research associate at the University of Oxford, Dr Calum Miller, accused BPAS of “profoundly dangerous” behaviour.

Dr Miller, who specialises in abortion policy, said BPAS “should be prosecuted” for its actions.

This case shows how little BPAS actually cares about women.

Right To Life UK spokeswoman Catherine Robinson said: “Dr Miller is absolutely right to call out BPAS for their dangerous and negligent behaviour.

“BPAS are clearly criminally negligent in failing to ensure that their client was acting within the law. This case shows how little BPAS actually cares about women.”

‘DIY’ abortions

At the start of the Covid pandemic in the UK, women were allowed to take the two pills involved in chemical abortions at home and without medical supervision.

The ‘emergency’ measures were supposed to be temporary but in March Parliament voted to make this scheme permanent.

Between April 2020 and September 2021, more than 10,000 women had to receive hospital treatment following the use of medical abortion pills in England.

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