‘Boy with no brain’ continues to defy expectations

A seven-year-old from Cumbria who is paralysed from the waist down has recently moved his foot after undergoing pioneering therapy.

Noah Wall, who was born with spina bifida and only 2 per cent of his brain, continues to defy doctors’ expectations.

Medics did not expect Noah to survive more than a few days and advised his parents to consider an abortion, which they refused.


Noah previously featured in the Channel 5 documentary ‘The Boy With No Brain’.

But his brain has now grown to a remarkable 80 per cent of what it should be, leaving medical professionals stunned.

He is undergoing specialised treatment – designed to alter the way the brain sends messages to his limbs.


Every year, Noah gives out Christmas presents at Newcastle’s Great North Hospital. It is hoped that he will soon be able to deliver the gifts on foot.

Claire Nicholson, Noah’s consultant neurosurgeon, said in 2016: “He has surprised us through his life so far. He’s completely remarkable.”

She added that Noah teaches the medical profession that “you can’t ever know, doesn’t matter how many statistics you throw at something”.


In 2016, Colin and EJ Harwood told The Christian Institute about why they chose life, despite their daughter being diagnosed as “incompatible with life”.

The parents say their daughter Shalome has ‘enriched their lives’ and is a ‘blessing every day’.

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