Parents choose life for ‘boy with no brain’

A couple from Cumbria have shared the remarkable story of how they rejected abortion several times to give birth to their son, who was born with only 2 per cent of his brain.

Noah Wall featured in the Channel 5 documentary ‘The Boy With No Brain’, that aired this week.

Doctors did not expect that Noah would survive and advised his parents, Rob and Michelle, to consider making funeral plans before he was born.

Choose Life

Noah is paralysed from the chest down because of spina bifida, but his brain has now grown to a remarkable 80 per cent of its normal size leaving medical professionals stunned.

It was never an option for us… we wanted to give Noah that chance of life.
Rob Wall

“We were offered termination five times, it was never an option for us. To me, we wanted to give Noah that chance of life,” Rob said.

Mum Michelle said: “We’ve had three years not knowing how long he’s going to live so to hear his brain’s almost back to normal is beyond belief.

’Completely remarkable’

“Rob and I broke down when we heard the news, it was like a dream. I’ve never known anything like it – even the consultants were in tears.

“Every time we see the doctors, they just shake their head, they’re just amazed at what he can do,” she added.

Claire Nicholson, Noah’s consultant neurosurgeon, at Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle said: “He has surprised us through his life so far. He’s completely remarkable.”

You can’t ever know, doesn’t matter how many statistics you throw at something.
Claire Nicholson, consultant neurosurgeon, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle

Dr. Nicholson was in charge of the procedure on Noah’s skull when he was born, that made space for his brain to expand and grow.

‘The Boy With No Brain’

She added that Noah teaches the medical profession that “you can’t ever know, doesn’t matter how many statistics you throw at something”.

The documentary has received an overwhelmingly positive response online since airing on Tuesday.

Many viewers took to Twitter to share their support:

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