Biden plans to roll back pro-life protections for the unborn

Joe Biden has said he will roll back pro-life policies introduced under the Trump administration.

His running-mate Kamala Harris has also received the backing and endorsement of a number of large pro-abortion groups.

Biden’s team has said one of his first actions will be to “Reverse Trump actions on abortion and reproductive health care, including reversing the Mexico City Policy” and “restoring funding to Planned Parenthood”.

Trump administration

The Mexico City Policy – a measure which prevents government funding of organisations which promote or provide abortions as a method of ‘family planning’ overseas – was first introduced by President Reagan.

The policy was upheld by both Bush administrations but reversed under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. It was again reinstated by Donald Trump in one of his first acts as President in 2017.

Just months later, President Trump signed an additional measure aimed at removing taxpayer money from abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood.

At the time, pro-lifers praised Trump’s measures for allowing states to divert money to organisations which do not provide abortions.

Public opposition

Despite Biden’s plans to liberalise abortion laws, polls indicate that most Americans oppose abortion funding and support greater restrictions.

A poll conducted last year found that 75 per cent of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortion overseas, with the majority of Republicans, Independents and Democrats all opposed.

It also found 54 per cent of all Americans oppose any taxpayer funding of abortion whether domestically or in other countries.

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