Funding cut hits US abortion clinics

Pro-life supporters have praised new legislation allowing states to reduce funding for abortion providers.

The law is aimed at removing taxpayer money from groups such as Planned Parenthood, which performed 323,999 abortions in the US in 2014.

The US abortion giant currently receives hundreds of millions of dollars per year in federal funding.


By signing the legislation, President Trump overturned a rule issued in the final days of the Obama administration which prevented states from blocking federal funding to abortion providers.

The new measure has been hailed as a victory, with pro-life organisation Susan B. Anthony List (SBA List) saying it will allow states to divert money to organisations which do not provide abortions.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of SBA List, said the change will lead to better health care for women and girls.

She added that the law “simply ensures states are not forced to fund an abortion business with taxpayer dollars”.


The legislation was only narrowly passed in the Senate last month after a 50-50 tie was broken by Vice President Mike Pence.

In January, President Trump signed legislation which prevents non-governmental organisations from receiving federal funding if they promote or provide abortions overseas.

The “Mexico City Policy”, which was first brought in by President Reagan, was enforced by both Bush administrations, but repealed by both Clinton and Obama.

At the time, Marjorie Dannenfelser said the legislation would “ensure Americans are no longer complicit in violating the dignity of women and children overseas”.

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