BBC ‘Pride’ group want to vet Today programme on trans issues

LGBT activists at the BBC are seeking to be involved in the editorial process for Radio 4’s Today programme on transgender issues.

The attempt to influence the BBC’s flagship current affairs show is in response to a segment examining Stonewall’s controversial Diversity Champions scheme.  Major public bodies have been abandoning the scheme in droves over its promotion of transgender ideology.

The scheme was heavily criticised by Stonewall co-founder turned critic Simon Fanshawe in an interview with Today presenter Justin Webb on 8 June, but was backed by Benjamin Cohen, the CEO of homosexual news website, Pink News.

Editorial involvement

Minutes from a meeting dated 16 June record the Pride Board accusing the Today Programme of “poor reporting, poor representation and not knowing the facts”.

One member of the group had raised the issue with the BBC’s Diversity and Inclusion department, while another “raised the question of Pride talking to the Editor of the Today programme, to discuss the significant negative impact of this piece on staff”.

The Board said it would like “to pre-empt these issues by being involved in commissioning meetings”.

It added: “Editorial processes are in place – how do we get involved with these?” and agreed one member would approach Phil Harrold, Company Secretary and Head of Director-General’s Office, about the matter.

Journalistic integrity

Toby Young, of the Free Speech Union, said: “It’s extremely alarming that a group of LGBT activists within the BBC think they can dictate how Stonewall is covered by the Corporation”.

The Christian Institute’s Ciarán Kelly added: “It is not surprising that activists weren’t happy with Benjamin Cohen’s interview on the Today programme. Not because of Justin Webb’s handling of it, but because of Cohen himself. He was hostile throughout, failed to answer any of the questions and suggested that defending the reality of biological sex is ‘hate speech’.

“If journalists have agendas set for them by activists, they become campaigners and cease to be a reliable source of information.”

150 gender identities

The BBC says that the Today programme has complete editorial independence.

However, it is reported that it has arranged for some staff to receive training from transgender lobby group Global Butterflies about ‘gender identity’ and pronoun use.

The group was behind recent controversial training delivered to staff at St Paul’s Girls’ School in London which claimed there are at least 150 gender identities.

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