BBC to inspect new TV shows’ willingness to promote LGBT lifestyles

The BBC has begun examining programme-makers’ willingness to promote LGBT lifestyles when deciding on new TV shows.

This week, the BBC released new guidelines on content for independent production companies, which indicate potential shows will need to comply with the Corporation’s aims if they are to be commissioned.

Charlotte Moore, Director of Content at the BBC, said that the guidance aims to reflect “modern Britain in an authentic way”.


The news follows the Corporation’s announcement in May that it is seeking to have “8% LGBT on screen portrayal including some lead roles by 2020”.

This is despite the fact that just 1.5 per cent of the UK population are lesbian, gay or bisexual and that less than 4,500 people have been issued with a gender recognition certificate.

The new guidelines will ask programme-makers to improve the representation of LGBT people on and off-screen.


They also say that conversations regarding diversity will be held before a new show is commissioned.

Earlier this year, a new project was announced aiming to monitor the on and off-screen diversity of popular television programmes on channels such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky.

Project Diamond will ask employees about their “Gender, Gender Identity, Age, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation and Disability”, but not their religious affiliation.

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