Australian woman sues over irreversible trans surgery

An Australian woman has launched legal action after she underwent drastic surgery to appear like a man.

Jay Langadinos from Sydney started taking cross-sex hormones when she was 19-years-old. At 22, she had surgery to remove her womb, only seven months after undergoing a double mastectomy.

Langadinos, who has now returned to living as a woman, is suing psychiatrist Dr Patrick Toohey for setting her on the medical pathway when he was aware of her history of “significant social phobia and depression”.

‘Absolutely devastating’

The detransitioner said Dr Toohey “knew or ought to have known” she required further evaluation from him and a second psychiatrist, once her psychological factors had been noted.

Langadinos added that as a result of Dr Toohey’s negligence, she “continues to suffer from injuries and disabilities”, including complications from the loss of her breasts and uterus, anxiety, depression and the need for ongoing medical treatment.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, she said: “Knowing that I can’t have children is absolutely devastating.”

Looking back, she explained: “As my unhappiness grew, I felt the cause of my unhappiness was because I was not male, so the answer was to change my body even more. I had a breakdown, couldn’t function for an entire year. I couldn’t get out of bed. I wish at the time I knew how much I was hurting and why.”


Another detransitioner, Oliver Davies from Melbourne, said his psychiatrist also failed to understand his depression and anxiety when he started taking hormones.

He reflected: “These feelings of negative self-image and negative self-reflection became a downward spiral, and I kept trying to solve the problem further by being more of a woman and it just became more and more incongruent with who I am and what is natural for me. I came to realise it was a waste of time and a delusion.”

Earlier this month, parents in the Australian state of Victoria said they fear prosecution if they do not encourage their children’s gender confusion and feel powerless to step in while they are subjected to radical transgender ideology.

Victoria’s conversion therapy ban, which came into effect six months ago, outlaws a parent not supporting their child receiving puberty blockers and not affirming someone’s gender identity.


Victoria’s ban has been held up as the ‘gold standard’ for a conversion therapy ban by campaigners eager to see similar draconian restrictions in the UK.

Let Us Pray, which campaigns against a broad conversion therapy ban, said it should be a warning to politicians here not to go down the same path.

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