Attorney General: ‘Diversity mindset a sinister and intolerant new religion’

The “new orthodoxy” behind diversity training is “downright dangerous”, the Attorney General for England and Wales has said.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Suella Braverman QC revealed she had directed officials in her department to scrap programmes promoting ‘Diversity, Equality and Inclusion’.

In July, the Government’s chief legal advisor said she believed ‘trans rights culture’ was “out of control”, posed a threat to the wellbeing of children, stifled free speech and caused legal uncertainty.

‘Taxpayer-funded time’

Braverman said she was “horrified” to learn that “hundreds of government lawyers” had spent nearly 2,000 hours of their “taxpayer-funded time” last year at Stonewall lectures.

the ‘diversity’ agenda thrives in darkness

Training on “‘micro-incivilities’, different ‘lived experiences’”, “how to be a straight ally’” and “white privilege”, she argued, “is harmful in other departments, but in legal cases it’s downright dangerous.

“It does nothing to create solidarity and encourage support but rather keeps emphasising difference, creates a sense of ‘otherness’ and pits different groups against each other.”

She encouraged Government ministers “to ask to see their departments’ diversity programmes and scrutinise the value for money they offer”, adding: “After all, the ‘diversity’ agenda thrives in darkness .”


The Attorney General continued: “We really must get serious about taking on this divisive mindset and call it out for what it is: a new religion with a new priestly caste.

“Some zealots believe in it. Like the witch-finders of the Middle Ages, they don the outfit of the inquisitor and never tire of rooting out unbelievers.

a new religion with a new priestly caste

“Others wear the priestly robes to ward off their rivals, while still others nod along and recite the creed because they are too scared to dissent.”

She added: “None of these approaches are acceptable in modern Britain.”

‘Stonewall free’

Last week, the Department for Education (DfE) announced its departure from Stonewall’s controversial ‘Diversity Champions’ scheme, after deciding not to renew its membership.

Between the financial years 2017-18 and 2020-21, the DfE spent £599,503 of taxpayer money on training and resources from the LGBT lobby group.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Minister Lord Callanan recently declared his department to be “a Stonewall free zone”, after all associated bodies followed its lead and stopped funding Stonewall.

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